[rancid] Rancid Login to device with wrong username and password

Sathish Kumar. Ippani sathish.i at ctrls.in
Mon Feb 26 06:47:33 UTC 2018

Thanks Shoaib,

Thanks for your inputs.

I have already configured .cloginrc with correct username and password also given cisco name for reference only.


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Hi Sathish,

You can define the following in your .cloginrc to use ³cisco² as a username as :

# Cisco switches
add user ciscoswitch01 cisco
add userpassword ciscoswitch01 {password} add password ciscoswitch01 {password} {password} add method ciscoswitch01 {ssh} {telnet}

The first line define the username Š here it is "cisco"
Second line is the password
Third line is the first and then enable password Last line is the method Š here it will try ssh first then telnet.
ciscoswitch01 - it is your device hostname and it should resolved to an ip address. You can use either DNS or /etc/hosts file for resolution.

As Heasley mentioned Š this file sits under rancid root directory and named ³.cloginrc²

Also Randy has a point not to use ³cisco² as a username for security reason. You can create user ³rancid² or any other and update your .cloginrc file.

Hope it is helpful.


Muhammad Shoaib
Sr. Mgr, Network Engineering

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>> Sat, Feb 24, 2018 at 10:15:33AM +0000, Sathish Kumar. Ippani:
>> I have configured deferent username(cisco) to login to cisco device.
>                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>this is strongly NOT recommended for security reasons
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