[rancid] Nexus 9K support in RANCiD 3.7

Vacheslav m_zouhairy at skno.by
Wed Jan 3 13:23:25 UTC 2018

I have been suffering this for a long time, and since it came up, I decided
to use it.
To expand it, I have 2960 cisco switches which produce similar unneeded

diff -u -4 -r1.61 cisco2960x-24
@@ -48,9 +48,9 @@
  ! 	License Priority: Medium
  ! 	License Count: Non-Counted
  !Flash: Directory of flash:/
- !Flash:     2  -rwx         208  Jan 21 2016 14:22:15 +03:00
+ !Flash:     3  -rwx         208  Jan 21 2016 14:22:15 +03:00

May you fix that?

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Fri, Dec 29, 2017 at 11:00:36PM +0000, Charles T. Brooks:
> I like your patch better!  You might want to normalize the style in the
previous line while you're in there - "&& next" instead of "next if".  I'm
not a perl guru, though.

It is not the same as the other lines.  this code block filters the size and
timestamp, but leaves the name.  I suppose all of those filters could be
changed to this type of filter.  open to opinion.

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