[rancid] Sonicwall: clogin sends password after first login?

Kevin Geil KGeil at orda.org
Thu Mar 1 20:29:13 UTC 2018

Hi, I hope someone can point me in the right direction here:  I'm trying to monitor a sonicwall device with Rancid, and am having a hiccup at the first step.   I can get clogin to authenticate to the device, but it immediately sends the password a second time after login, so the sonicwall sees it as a command, and returns an error.  I'm guessing it's my lack of understanding of Clogin, but after reading documentation, I still can't figure it out.  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help. I have tried adding a timeout value, and playing with the -noenable option, but to no avail.

Thanks again,


My .cloginrc file looks like this:

add noenable sonic {1}
add method sonic ssh
add cyphertype sonic aes128-ctr
add user sonic ReadOnlyAdmin
add password sonic {mypassword}

And the output looks like this:
root at ubuntu:/var/lib/rancid/bin# ./clogin -f /var/lib/rancid/.cloginrc -noenable sonic

ReadOnlyAdmin at sonic's password:

Copyright (c) 2016 Dell | SonicWALL, Inc.
Using username 'ReadOnlyAdmin'.
ReadOnlyAdmin at MY NSA4600_Primary> mypassword
% Error encountered at '^' marker:
% Error: No matching command found.
ReadOnlyAdmin at MY NSA4600_Primary>

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