[rancid] New Cisco ASA Login Failure

Linwood Ferguson Linwood at leferguson.com
Tue Mar 6 17:35:39 UTC 2018

>> I just got hit by this also on a 5506-x.  I turned off the login history for now, but I saw back in January a proposed patch, did that work out?   (I guess I could try it, but it's always nice to know if it worked, and if it might be destined for incorporation?)
>I've already replied to this thread pointing to source w/ the patch.  i have nothing to test it 
>against, but its broken nothing that I do have.

OK, was just being lazy to see if someone had test.   I just patched mine, reset my ASA (the setting if anyone doesn't have is [no] aaa authentication login-history), and did a rancid-run, and it worked fine.

So yes, that seems to work, and did not break anything else (though this system only has about 4 types of late model cisco's, so it is hardly a comprehensive test). 

Thank you for the patch.


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