[rancid] Couple of very general questions.

James Andrewartha jandrewartha at ccgs.wa.edu.au
Fri May 18 01:31:21 UTC 2018

On 18/05/18 05:53, heasley wrote:
>> The other option we're looking at is Extreme.  I see that it is managed by the standard clogin (according to the Rancid docs) and just wondered if there was anything to be aware of with interfacing to their gear.
> I can't comment on fortinet, but the extreme ought to work.  however, it has
> been at least a year since I've had feed back about one.

I have newish Extreme switches (X440-G2 running XOS 22.4) and they work
fine with rancid. The only problem I have is sometimes the commands show
up in the output, eg:

  #Slot 1: state
+ show configuration
+ #
  # Module devmgr configuration.

I am using rancid 2.3.8 (yes, I know, I'm still running Debian jessie)
but I grabbed the most recent xrancid that wasn't modularised ($Id:
xrancid.in 3018 2015-01-11 05:51:49Z heas $) and it didn't fix the
problem. I didn't think about upgrading clogin though. Is that likely to
help or should I just look at upgrading rancid entirely to get the
modular xrancid with xlogin?


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