[rancid] Citrix Netscaler and Rancid

Muhammad Shoaib mshoaib at paciolan.com
Thu May 31 19:41:20 UTC 2018


I am having difficulty configuring Netscaler ( running version 12.0 ) on rancid 3.7.

Other network stuff is working fine and no issues with the same rancid.

My config is :


When I try bin/clogin … it will log in successfully but the shell is sluggish and it times out with an error :

[rancid at ca01net03 ~]$ bin/clogin cans2mpx8005
spawn ssh -x -l nsroot cans2mpx8005
Last login: Thu May 31 12:31:42 2018 from 172.x.x.xx
> enable
ERROR: Ambiguous (use cmd completion for options)
Error: TIMEOUT reached
can not find channel named "exp6"
    while executing
"send "\r""
    ("foreach" body line 163)
    invoked from within
"foreach router [lrange $argv $i end] {
    set router [string tolower $router]
    # attempt at platform switching.
    set platform ""
    send_user ..."
    (file "bin/clogin" line 858)

Here is the output of the debug command :

[rancid at ca01net03 etc]$ /home/rancid/bin/rancid -t netscaler -d cans2mpx8005
loadtype: device type netscaler
loadtype: found device type netscaler in /home/rancid/etc/rancid.types.base
executing nslogin -t 90 -c"" cans2mpx8005
inloop is not configured for device type netscaler at /home/rancid/bin/rancid line 136.
[rancid at ca01net03 etc]$

I highly appreciate for any help or a useful pointer.

Thank you,
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