[rancid] Simple web-frontend for rancid files?

Andrew Biddle andyb at the-space.net
Mon Oct 8 22:15:30 UTC 2018

I just installed rancid and found WebSVN to front-end it.   (About 5 years
ago this is the setup I used, so it's what I'm sort of familiar with.)   I
have rancid working, but I need a better front-end.  WebSVN is a little
clunky (perhaps it's the way I've built it?) and doesn't have a simple way
to just download a file.  It does a good job of displaying configs and
comparing two versions.  But it I want to copy the file locally, I'm copy
and pasting...  It also appears to be a dropped project, so it doesn't look
like I should ever expect improvements.

Anything better out there?   I can switch over to git if there's a better
interface in that direction.   The front-end needs to be web-based so that
I can just point people to a URL.   It should have a means to compare
various revisions...   and of course a means to pull the files down to your
local system.   It doesn't need to support any sort of push from client to
repository since that's something that I only want rancid doing...

Thought?   What are you all using?

Thanks in advance!
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