[rancid] clogin commenting script commands following multiple blanks lines

Erik Muller erikm at buh.org
Wed Oct 24 20:43:41 UTC 2018

On 10/24/18 13:28 , heasley wrote:
> Sat, Sep 29, 2018 at 03:19:00PM -0700, Erik Muller:
>> So here's an odd thing I just ran across.  Running clogin with a script with multiple blank lines has some very unexpected behaviour.  It looks like it's turning \n\n into \n;, with the net effect of commenting out any command that follows two blank lines.  Reproducible on ubuntu 12.04 and OSX 10.13 with stock 3.8 source.  Works as expected in 2.3.8 ubuntu packages.
>> The culprit is definitely in the "# handle escaped ;s in commands, and ;; and ^;" section of clogin (rolling that block back to what was in 2.3.8 fixes it), but trying to grok that in expect language to provide a real fix makes my head hurt, so I'll leave this as a bug report.  Examples below.
>> thanks,
>> -e
> I believe that patch addresses this bug.

That definitely fixes the blanks-may-comment-the-next-line issue, though it looks like it also breaks handling of escaped ;s as well.

$ clogin-3.8 -c 'sh ip bgp nei | inc 1\; ; show ver | inc ^Model Num' fl1-as01
fl1-as01#sh ip bgp nei | inc 1;
  Route to peer address reachability Up: 1; Down: 0
  Connections established 1; dropped 0

with patch:
$ clogin -c 'sh ip bgp nei | inc 1\; ; show ver | inc ^Model Num' fl1-as01
fl1-as01#sh ip bgp nei | inc 1
BGP neighbor is x.x.x.x,  remote AS 4200000000, external link

And it seems to eat leading semicolon comments as well:

$ cat ~/clogin-blanks-test2
show bridge
; just a comment
$ clogin -x ~/clogin-blanks-test2 fl1-as01.polaris.corp
fl1-as01#show bridge
fl1-as01# just a comment
% Invalid input detected at '^' marker.

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