[rancid] juniper devices

Andrew Meyer andrewm659 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 29 21:11:31 UTC 2018

I am having some issues with rancid-3.2-2 on Amazon Linux 2.  I am trying to get rancid to talk to my Juniper (junos) switches and SRX firewalls and am stuck.  
Juniper EX2200Juniper SRX650
I have everything setup in my config.
router.db [rancid at rancid01 configs]$ cat ../router.dbfw.location.example.net;juniper-srx;upsw1.location.example.net;junos;upsw2.location.example.net;juniper;upsw3.location.example.net;juniper;upsw4.location.example.net;juniper;upsw5.location.example.net;juniper;uparuba1.location.example.net;aruba;uparuba2.location.example.net;aruba;down[rancid at rancid01 configs]$

Here is my logs.=====================================Getting missed routers: round 4.unknown router manufacturer for sw1.location.example.net: junossh: jlogin: command not foundfw.location.example.net: missed cmd(s): all commandsfw.location.example.net: End of run not foundsh: jlogin: command not foundsw2.location.example.net: missed cmd(s): all commandssw2.location.example.net: End of run not found##sh: clogin: command not foundaruba1.location.example.net: missed cmd(s): all commandsaruba1.location.example.net: End of run not found!sh: jlogin: command not foundsw3.location.example.net: missed cmd(s): all commandssw3.location.example.net: End of run not foundsh: jlogin: command not foundsw4.location.example.net: missed cmd(s): all commandssw4.location.example.net: End of run not found##sh: jlogin: command not foundsw5.location.example.net: missed cmd(s): all commandssw5.location.example.net: End of run not found#
On branch masterYour branch is up-to-date with 'origin/master'.
nothing to commit, working tree cleanEverything up-to-date
ending: Mon Oct 29 21:01:01 UTC 2018[rancid at rancid01 logs]$
When I run a clogin command on its own, I can ssh in just fine but there is a sligh issue with the terminal.  I suspect it's pagination.

It has been while since having to do this so I'm not sure where I got this mixed up.
Any thoughts?
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