[rancid] Entries disappear and re appear.

heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Thu Apr 11 16:47:00 UTC 2019

Thu, Apr 11, 2019 at 09:31:05AM -0700, Troy Beisigl:
> Hello everyone,
> We have an issue whereby rancid is pulling configs and showing that an entry has disappeared and then the next config check the entry is back. This is happening on a Cisco ASA and also on a Mikrotik. 
> For the Mikrotik, it shows that the console port name changed to nothing and then the next time shows that it came back as serial0. The name is not actually changing. 
> For the ASA, the entry !BootFlash: BOOT variable = disk0:/asa917-19-k8.bin will show in one config and the next time it shows !BootFlash: BOOT variable = 
> The boot variable is not actually changing, so I have to wonder if this is a bug.
> We are running rancid version 3.8.
> Has anyone run into these issues and is there a fix for them?

the ASA is probably a bug in the ASA.  I've seen it on IOSXE.

no idea about the microtik; possibly rancid isnt able to disable the
pager and thats causing some problem?

I'd manually collect the raw output repeatedly in an attempt to catch it
occuring.  See FAQ S3Q2.

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