[rancid] FXOS on FirePower 4140

Chris Stromsoe cbs at noc.ucla.edu
Fri Feb 8 19:02:07 UTC 2019

I'm using fxlogin and fxos.pm from the development branch against a FirePoweer 
4140 running 2.4(1.122).  The default command table from rancid.types.base 
isn't working.

After logging in to the 4110, I have access to:

fw# show
chassis              cli                  clock
cloud-connector      configuration        eth-uplink
event                fabric-interconnect  fault
identity             license              ntp-overall-status
org                  post                 registry-repository
security             sel                  server
service-profile      system               timezone
ucspe-tech-support   version

If I do a 'connect fxos' I can get running-config and other information:

fw(fxos)# show
aaa                   incompatibility       role
access-lists          ingress-vlan-groups   routing
accounting            ingress-vp-groups     routing-context
banner                install               rscn
boot                  interface             running-config
callhome              inventory             san-port-channel
cdp                   ip                    scsi-target
cfs                   ipmc-groups           snm_batch_status
class-map             ipv6                  snmp
cli                   klm                   sprom
clock                 l2-class-id           ssh
cluster-state         l2-table              startup-config
configuration         lacp                  svs
copyright             ldap-server           switchname
debug                 line                  system
device-alias          lldp                  tacacs-server
diagnostic            loadbalancing         tech-support
ecmp-groups           locator-led           telnet
environment           logging               terminal
fc2                   mac                   topology
fc2d                  module                track
fcalias               monitor               trunk
fcdomain              msp                   udld
fcdroplatency         nsm                   user-account
fcflow                ntp                   users
fcid-allocation       phy-bypass            vdc
fcns                  platform              version
fcroute               policy-map            vifs
fcs                   port                  vlan
fctimer               port-channel          vms
fdmi                  port-profile          vmware
flogi                 port-security         vrf
fp                    queuing               vsan
fspf                  radius-server         wwn
hardware              redundancy            xml
hostname              resource              zone
hosts                 rlir                  zoneset
in-order-guarantee    rmon

Does the fxos module assume a FirePower running FTD?  I also have access to an 
FP 2110 running FTD and fxos works fine there.

I don't have enough experience with the FirePower platform and fxos to know if 
the current fxos module depends on running FTD, or if there are other 
differences in fxos on the 2110 with FTD and the 4140 that are causing the fxos 
module to fail.

Any pointers or suggestions?


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