[rancid] Juniper SRX cluster {primary:nodeX}, {secondary:nodeX} filtering

Anderson, Charles R cra at wpi.edu
Wed Feb 13 02:23:16 UTC 2019

The ShowSystemCoreDumps function was missing this filter.  I updated the patch to add this.

On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 11:56:31PM +0000, Anderson, Charles R wrote:
> I'm using the "juniper" type on RANCID 3.9 collecting from Juniper EX/QFX/MX devices and SRX clusters.  On the EX/QFX/MX devices the {master:N} and {backup:N} first line of the prompt (related to RE redundancy) is filtered out.  But on the SRX clusters, they use a different type of clustering compared with MX/EX, and the first line of the prompt there has {primary:node0}, {secondary:node1} etc.  Additionlly, it is possible for {linecard:X) to appear there for non-RE members of a EX/QFX Virtual Chassis.  For many years we've been using a local change to RANCID that filters out these with code such as:
>        next if (/^\{(master|backup|primary|secondary)/);
> I'd like to get this changed upstream so we no longer have to use our local customizations.  Would you consider a patch similar to below (applied everywhere master|backup is already filtered):
> -       next if (/^\{(master|backup)(:\d+)?\}/);
> +       next if (/^\{(master|backup|linecard|primary|secondary)(:(node)?\d+)?\}/);
> I've attached the entire patch against 3.9 which I've tested with all my EX/QFX/MX/SRX devices.  Thanks.
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