[rancid] [PATCH] Nortel/Avaya BayStack/ERS support

Anderson, Charles R cra at wpi.edu
Thu Feb 21 18:53:07 UTC 2019

The attached files add support for Bay Networks/Nortel/Avaya BayStack/BPS/ERS switches.  I based these changes on ones we've been running in production for over a decade and I've tested this extensively on models BPS 2000, 470, and ERS 25xx/45xx/55xx/56xx.

Initially I copied clogin to bslogin, but I've attached a diff from the original clogin because I believe it should be safe to apply to the original and eliminate the need for a separate login script.  I rearranged a few conditionals related to Extreme support to make the logic easier for the BayStack and other future differences.  

It was a PITA to get past the BayStack login banner, but I finally found a workable solution that should hopefully not interfere with other device types and should support BayStacks that have the stock banner, a custom banner, or the banner turned off.  The only potential concern for impact to non-BayStack devices is the matching on "##+" used to skip past the banner to avoid it being interpreted as a "#" prompt character.  I'm now running this in production as my "clogin" and so far there have been no impacts to Aruba devices, the only other devices I have that use clogin.

rancid.types.conf entry:

# Nortel BayStack
baystack;script;rancid -t baystack
baystack;command;baystack::ShowSysInfo;show sys-info
baystack;command;baystack::ShowSysInfo;show stack-info
baystack;command;baystack::ShowSysInfo;show system verbose
baystack;command;baystack::ShowSysInfo;show interfaces gbic-info
baystack;command;baystack::ShowConfig;show running-config
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