[rancid] Palo Alto (Panorama) configuration

Gauthier, Chris cgauthier at comscore.com
Thu Jul 11 18:16:10 UTC 2019

Yes, the command "show config merged" gives the locally-managed config output AND the configuration that is pushed out by Panorama.  I'll make a custom device type and see how this works in my environment.  If it works, I'll post the results here.  I will also test with a non-Panorama-managed system.


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Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 02:37:51PM +0000, Anderson, Charles R:
> You can use "show config merged" to see the local device's config merged with the templates from Panorama.

Does this work with "non-managed" (better term?) configs?  And, was this
command introduced recently?

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