[rancid] Improving Rancid's processing speed when having 1k+ devices

Emille Blanc emille at abccommunications.com
Thu Jul 25 15:14:28 UTC 2019

I've seen/heard stories of people pre-empting rancid with an snmp-get of the config-last-changed / last committed OID, to generate a list of devices to run against.

Have always wanted to set that up for our instance as we are approaching the 500 device mark, but it's not become a big enough problem for us... yet.

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Subject: [rancid] Improving Rancid's processing speed when having 1k+ devices

Well, as per title, is there any way to improve rancid's speed with so many devices? At the moment I set PAR_COUNT to 300, so it will connect in parallel to 300 devices at a time, but the reality is that most time does not seem to be taken by connecting and retrieving config but by what happens next in the file processing and git-comitting.

To give you some stats, with current settings it takes around 9 minutes to do 1200 devices. I have only 1 group with all devices under the same group.

Any trick you might have, please let me know!



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