[rancid] platform parameter in clogin

Nick Nauwelaerts nick.nauwelaerts at aquafin.be
Wed Jun 19 20:35:06 UTC 2019

so i noticed the rancid source recently migrated to github (https://github.com/haussli/rancid), so i was rebasing aerohive support on it.

during this process i noticed that the seperate aerohive login script could just as well be integrated in clogin.

it needs 2 changes:
it has it's own "config changed" prompt. that was easy to add and works as expected.

it needs it's own cli command to disable paging -> "console page 0"
since extreme alrdy had an exception i thought it would be as easy as adding an elseif to get aerohive support going, but it seems extreme gets special handling for the platform variable in clogin. so i was wondering what the advise is in this case? it seems silly to have keep a copy of clogin just because i need some other pager setup.

* keep a seperate login script: alrdy have one that works, so that's an option. however, as with other login scripts it will diverge over time from the main clogin if not synced manually each time
* add a cludge to clogin to recognize aerohive devices and somehow set platform
* be able to pass platform via -E (doesn't seem to work atm, most likely since it gets reset -> # attempt at platform switching. set platform "")
* deduce platform from router.db, but clogin doesn't really need that
* add platform as an optional parameter to cloginrc
* ... things i didn't think of

any hints on how to best tackle this? rancid version is git master/head.


// nick


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