[rancid] Rancid running numerous times for each group? Getting ~40 config fetcher email alerts for same group in a night

Ni Ne nineoften at hotmail.com
Fri May 24 16:17:09 UTC 2019

Running ranicd 3.8 on CentOS 6.10, using git as the repo type.

It appears rancid is running numerous times against the same group in a given night - at least if config fetches fail.

For instance, I have one group with some problematic devices, and I got 39 "config fetcher" emails for that same group. Looking at logs, it appears rancid is parsing every group approximately the same number of times.

There is only one cronjob that kicks off rancid on the entire system:

* 0 * * * /usr/local/rancid/bin/rancid-run

Groups are only defined once in the rancid.conf system.

These are major settings in rancid.conf:


I have noticed this issue since I first built a new rancid 3.8 system - just never got around to trying to fix it until now. I have never seen this issue on the other rancid servers 2.x we have. Aside from version difference, the only notable difference I can think of is that our LIST_OF_GROUPS is fairly long at 332 entries and counting.

Anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot further?
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