[rancid] Merge OpenGear vendor-provided rancid scripts with official RANCID release for future?

Ni Ne nineoften at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 26 20:53:02 UTC 2019

OpenGear has published rancid and login files that work with their console servers.

The page describing it is here:


The direct link to their code is:


I just implemented their scripts, replacing very old custom hack-jobs I put together years ago, using some other existing login scripts as a base. Their scripts handle the prompts better than my legacy code.

I have successfully tested their code on ~150 OpenGear console servers of various models (IM7200, IM4xxx, CMx) and on various software versions - 3.16 through 4.5

There are some tweaks I made, like running their show version code first. And that line is not commented out in the resulting output file. But beyond that, it works fine.

Would it be possible for their code to be reviewed and merged with official rancid source for easier future use?

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