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reza reza at lethalnetworks.com
Fri Oct 25 16:26:44 UTC 2019

Hello Rancid Group,

I’m trying to get my Rancid setup working with newly acquired Aruba wireless controllers, A650 and A3000s running 6.1, 6.3 and 6.4 AOS versions.

I’m using Mike32’s Aruba module which was recommended from the Shrubbery FTP, https://github.com/miken32/rancid-aruba/. 

When I run rancid in debug mode against one of my device it failed in “End of run not found”. I manually logged in with clogin to the device and ran “write term” and verified the last line is end. Which is was is expected on line 546 of the Aruba.pm file, https://github.com/miken32/rancid-aruba/blob/master/aruba.pm#L546. 

I’m hoping someone else has had some luck with this module and can provide some help.

rancid at rancid:~$ rancid -d -t aruba site2-wc2
loadtype: device type aruba
loadtype: found device type aruba at /etc/rancid/rancid.types.conf:115
executing clogin -t 90 -c"no paging;show version;show master-redundancy;show boot;show image version;dir;show interface transceivers;show packet-capture;show inventory;show vlan;write term" site2-wc2
    In aruba::inloop: PROMPT MATCH: \(site2-wc2\) >
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >no paging
    In RunCommand: (site2-wc2) >no paging
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >show version
    In aruba::ShowVersion: (site2-wc2) >show version
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >show master-redundancy
    In aruba::ShowMasterRedundancy: (site2-wc2) >show master-redundancy
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >show boot
    In aruba::ShowBoot: (site2-wc2) >show boot
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >show image version
    In aruba::ShowImageVersion: (site2-wc2) >show image version
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >dir
    In aruba::Dir: (site2-wc2) >dir
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >show interface transceivers
    In aruba::ShowInterfaceTransceivers: (site2-wc2) >show interface transceivers
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >show packet-capture
    In aruba::ShowPacketCapture: (site2-wc2) >show packet-capture
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >show inventory
    In aruba::ShowInventory: (site2-wc2) >show inventory
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >show vlan
    In aruba::ShowVLAN: (site2-wc2) >show vlan
HIT COMMAND:(site2-wc2) >write term
    In aruba::WriteTerm: (site2-wc2) >write term
site2-wc2: End of run not found
site2-wc2: found_end is false
rancid at rancid:~$

I’m running Rancid 3.10 (built from source) on Ubuntu 18.04.

rancid at rancid:~$ rancid -V
rancid 3.10

rancid at rancid:~$ cat /etc/lsb-release

rancid at rancid:~$ grep aruba /etc/rancid/rancid.types.conf
aruba;script;rancid -t aruba
aruba;command;aruba::RunCommand;no paging
#aruba;command;aruba::RunCommand;encrypt disable
aruba;command;aruba::ShowVersion;show version
aruba;command;aruba::ShowMasterRedundancy;show master-redundancy
aruba;command;aruba::ShowBoot;show boot
aruba;command;aruba::ShowImageVersion;show image version
aruba;command;aruba::ShowInterfaceTransceivers;show interface transceivers
aruba;command;aruba::ShowPacketCapture;show packet-capture
aruba;command;aruba::ShowInventory;show inventory
aruba;command;aruba::ShowVLAN;show vlan
aruba;command;aruba::WriteTerm;write term
rancid at rancid:~$

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