[rancid] web frontend for git based rancid

Andreas Ott andreas at naund.org
Wed Oct 30 23:13:57 UTC 2019


we have recently uplifted a server from the stoneage to a current version of
rancid, also now using git as the version control system.

In previous generations we used cvsweb (cvs backend) and WebSVN (svn
backend) to provide at least read-only view for our operations/support
team into the different devices. For the git backend we installed gitlist
but find it lacking, especially when it comes to a very common need
"display diff between version X and version Y". 

Has anyone solved this problem in gitlist, or what other web frontend
are you using to display data from the git repository that can do this?

Thanks, andreas
Andreas Ott   andreas at naund.org

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