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henri hemery henri.hemery at gmail.com
Thu Oct 31 14:33:31 UTC 2019


I would like to know how you manage your local user for Aruba/HP switches,
especially model J9727A
The switches of that model I have are configured to authenticate via radius:

*aaa authentication telnet login radius local*

With this configuration, there is no enable password, but "enable" must be
typed, that's returning this error if I disable autoenable and specify an
enable password:

*invalid command name "do_enable"    while executing"do_enable $enauser
$enapasswd"    ("foreach" body line 150)    invoked from within"foreach
router [lrange $argv $i end] {    set router [string tolower $router]
send_user "$router\n"    # device timeout    set timeout [find t..."
(file "/usr/local/rancid/bin/hlogin" line 740)*

I would like to create a local-user with high level so I could activate
autoenable, and get rid of that error, and that's specific user could login
directly in enable mode.
So I tried this command:

* J9727A (config)# aaa authentication local-user "rancid" group "Level-15"
password plaintextNew password for rancid: ********Please retype new
password for rancid: *********

But I am unable to login with rancid user..

Any idea?
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