[rancid] [EXTERNAL] - Re: Tellabs equipment

Luke Smith LukeS at coloradovalley.com
Mon Sep 9 19:16:00 UTC 2019

Thanks for the response John,

>> I'm new to configuring Rancid, so forgive me if I'm not asking the right questions. I've turned up a rancid server, I can get Cisco, Adtran, and Foundry no issues. I'm moving over to my Tellabs now and I've found a rancid-ssi github that I was able to find a tlrancid.in file on the commands needed and clogin works fine to get me into the device, but when I actually start a run, it doesn't get into the device, what happens in the logs I get the following error:
>> Trying to get all of the configs.
>> exec(tlrancid) failed router manufacturer tellabs: No such file or
>> directory
>> I went ahead and in the rancid.types.base I added the following:

>I recommend using rancid.types.conf instead; see the comment at the top of .base.

I get what you mean for .conf instead of .base ... I put in base as that was the file location I had saved in my notes.

>> # Tellabs
>> tellabs;script;tlrancid
>> tellabs;login;clogin
>> If I manually run the tlrancid or clogin command, it gets in just fine. However, I don't actually get the scripts to run ... so I'm assuming I'm missing a correlation between files. Any help would be appreciated.

> make sure that tlrancid is executable, has the correct interpretter as its first line and it in rancid's path according to rancid.conf:PATH or make it a FQPN in the rancid.types.conf entry.

I have this as the first couple of lines, is this what you mean?
#! /bin/expect --
## $Id: clogin.in 3943 2019-01-18 16:18:34Z heas $
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