[rancid] exit.. no, logout

Wayne Eisenberg Wayne.Eisenberg at CarolinasIT.com
Fri Sep 20 15:05:11 UTC 2019


I am dealing with a Dell 6224 switch that has an interesting quirk. The powerconnect and cisco-sb types both do the job of logging in and retrieving information, however at the very end when rancid is trying to logout, it leaves enabled mode with "exit", and then tries to logoff the switch completely with "exit" - except that that command does not exist in disabled mode, only 'quit' and 'logout'. The result is that rancid gets stuck in a loop issuing the 'exit' command, gets a 'command doesn't exist' response and never successfully logs out. Where and how can I modify this so that rancid tries the 'quit' and 'logout' commands as well as 'exit'?

Some info that may be helpful:
#show system
System Description: Dell Ethernet Switch
System Object ID:
System Model ID: PCT6224
Machine Type: Dell 24 Port Gigabit Ethernet

#show version
Image Descriptions
 image1 : default image
 image2 :
Images currently available on Flash
 unit      image1      image2     current-active        next-active
    1             image1             image1


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