[rancid] Draft config for IOS-XR 7.x on Cisco NCS

Bill Owens owens at nysernet.org
Thu Apr 9 20:11:15 UTC 2020

After many years of trouble-free RANCID use, we ran into a snag trying to get our shiny new Cisco NCS 5000 router into the system. It appears there were significant CLI changes between 6.x and 7.x, primarily the complete elimination of the 'admin' mode, which most of the cisco-xr commands relied on. After a few false starts I think I've found a set of commands that do the right things:

# Variant cisco-xr/ios-xr commands for IOS-XR 7.x on NCS
# WCO 20200409
cisco-xr7;script;rancid -t cisco-xr7
cisco-xr7;command;rancid::RunCommand;terminal exec prompt no-timestamp
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowVersion;show version
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowMemorySum;show memory summary
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowInstallActive;show install active
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowLicense;show license udi
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowLicense;show license summary
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowHWfpd;show hw-module fpd
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowRedundancy;show redundancy
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowEnv;show env all
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::DirSlotN;dir /all config:
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::DirSlotN;dir /all disk0:
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::DirSlotN;dir /all harddisk:
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowContAll;show controllers description
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::AdminShowDiag;show diag
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowInventory;show inventory raw
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowDebug;show debug
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::ShowRPL;show rpl maximum
cisco-xr7;command;iosxr::WriteTerm;show running-config

I limited the number of DirSlotN commands because the other option, rootfs, has constantly changing files.

I'm running these with a custom task/user config to limit the rancid account's privileges, which also seems to work:

taskgroup rancid
 task execute filesystem
 inherit taskgroup retrieve
usergroup rancid
 taskgroup rancid
username myrancid
 group rancid
 secret 10 blahblah

Comments, feedback, and so on, all appreciated...


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