[rancid] Rancid 3.10 and ASA 9.14 failing?

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Mon Apr 27 16:58:55 UTC 2020

I'm on 3.10 and just upgraded an cisco 5516 asa to 9.14, and it will not pull from rancid giving this error:

HIT COMMAND:XXXXX-ASA1# show running-config
    In WriteTerm: XXXXX-ASA1# show running-config
    In WriteTerm: XXXXX-ASA1# write term
xxxxx-asa1.etsbcad.local: missed cmd(s): show redundancy secondary, show flash:, show running-config view full

Another otherwise identically configured ASA on 9.9(2) works fine.

All three of these commands work the same on 9.2 as on 9.14 (i.e. first and third do not exist, and show flash works). So it's something more subtle.

I've reviewed the release notes for 3.11 and didn't see anything that may apply; I am a bit reluctant to upgrade as I have a lot of changes to scripts to retrofit and upgrading is a pretty big job.

It's also remotely possible I broke this in one of my changes; again, a bit painful to back all changes out to tell.

So... please save me a bit of time... is anyone using ASA version 9.14 with Rancid?   Does it work, or fail the same way?  Knowing either one will save me a lot of time.


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