[rancid] Backuping a Fortinet devices with vdoms.

john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Thu Mar 19 14:35:25 UTC 2020

Wed, Mar 18, 2020 at 12:46:17PM +0800, James Andrewartha:
> Hi,
> On 17/3/20 3:19 am, Sebastien.Boulianne at cpu.ca wrote:
> > Is it possible to know if this issue still exist ?
> > 
> > https://medium.com/@schweikert/backing-up-fortinet-devices-with-rancid-c990f5251ed0
> >  
> > Does Rancid support Fortigate backup with vdoms ?
> I just compared the rancid backup with the fgt-config one from SSH on a
> device with several vdoms, and there's very little difference. The
> rancid backup is missing the config-gui sections, and the fgt-config is
> missing what I assume are some default things for av, ips and wildcard-fqdn.

Please note that there are 2 flavors of fortigate collection, 'fortigate'
and 'fortigate-full'.  I do not recall the reason for this variance.  If
fortigate-full does not collect everything expected/needed, please let me
know what to add to fill the gap.

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