[rancid] Unable to pull configuration from Cisco WLC 8.5

Charles Allen charles.allen at zagg.com
Mon May 4 15:21:16 UTC 2020


You are correct that a lot of my issue was surrounding the logout sequence.  Thankfully I was able to get this resolved with the help of John from Rancid.  There were two things that were impacting me:

  *   First, I had an issue with TACACS where the 'config paging disable' could not be executed.  To expand on this, there are seven groups to which a user could be assigned on the WLC.  It just so happened that I was using the one group, MONITOR, that didn’t allow for the config level command to issues.
  *   Second, in the process of my troubleshooting I had started to tweak the versions of EXPECT and TCL because of a separate email chain I had read on the discussion board.  I had to recently rebuild my server because of a variety of issues.  After reinstalling Rancid the WLC scripts now all work correctly.

A couple of things to note that might help people who encounter this issue, some information on install: Centos 7, fully patched, I am running EXPECT version 5.45 and TCL version 8.5.  Also I’m running Rancid 3.12.


Charlie Allen

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Do you have the .raw file?

I had this problem at one point too.  It had something to do with not correctly parsing the logout sequence.  I modified my version to check for the right sequence, but it was an old version of rancid, and my specific logout sequence was caught in a newer version.  But, 8.5.161 might have changed the specific text that the logout sequence sends, so rancid’s parser might not catch it yet.


From: Charles Allen <charles.allen at zagg.com<mailto:charles.allen at zagg.com>>
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Subject: [rancid] Unable to pull configuration from Cisco WLC 8.5

Rancid version: 3.12
Cisco WLC:

I cannot successfully pull the configuration from my Cisco WLC.  In every case, it just gives the generic error “End of run not found.”  However, if I execute the command to pull configuration via rancid, the .new file looks complete and without issue.  I have tried changing the various commands executed but with no success.  Looking for a smarter person than I to perhaps give some direction or recommendations.

[rancid at xxxx ~]$ NOPIPE=yes rancid -d -t cisco-wlc8 wlc
loadtype: device type cisco-wlc8
loadtype: found device type cisco-wlc8 at /usr/local/rancid/etc/rancid.types.base:351
executing wlogin -t 120 -c"show udi;show sysinfo;show run-config commands" wlc
PROMPT MATCH: \(Cisco Controller\) >
HIT COMMAND:(Cisco Controller) >show udi
    In ShowUdi: (Cisco Controller) >show udi
HIT COMMAND:(Cisco Controller) >show sysinfo
    In ShowSysinfo: (Cisco Controller) >show sysinfo
HIT COMMAND:(Cisco Controller) >show run-config commands
    In ShowConfig: (Cisco Controller) >show run-config commands
wlc    : End of run not found
wlc    : clean_run is false
!--WLC End Config Data--!
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