[rancid] Anyone using scripts to backup Cisco WLCs?

Hagen, Skye (skyeh@uidaho.edu) skyeh at uidaho.edu
Wed Jul 28 00:46:27 UTC 2021

I'm doing it, no scripts needed, I didn't even have to customize anything.

In router.db;cisco-wlc8;up

This is rancid.types.base: rancid 3.12
cisco-wlc8;script;rancid -t cisco-wlc8
cisco-wlc8;command;ciscowlc::ShowUdi;show udi
cisco-wlc8;command;ciscowlc::ShowSysinfo;show sysinfo
cisco-wlc8;command;ciscowlc::ShowConfig;show run-config commands

Skye Hagen
Network Engineer
University of Idaho

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A Google search indicated that back in 2012 there was some interest in using RANCID to back up Cisco WLCs, and am wondering if anyone is currently doing that?

If so, could someone point me in the direction of the scripts/mods?


Scott Larsen
Senior Network Engineer
Cascade Corporation
scott.larsen at cascorp.com<mailto:scott.larsen at cascorp.com>
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