[rancid] Newbie question - ACL changes causing too many diffs

Herlitz, Johannes Johannes.Herlitz at EnProIndustries.com
Mon Jun 14 11:47:00 UTC 2021

You could have RANCID ignore all ACL lines in a config.
Modify the source code: edit lib/rancid/ios.pm and search for "sub WriteTerm". RANCID ignores a few config lines already by default, e.g.  the "Last configuration" line at the beginning of a "sh run". You should see it in the sub WriteTerm.

Inside the WriteTerm sub, add your own regex pattern && next command to ignore lines containing patterns you don’t want backed up by RANCID, e.g.:
    /^ (permit|deny) / && next;
Should ignore all ACL entries.

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Using rancid to monitor router diffs, we see that numerous routers generate diffs every 5 minutes because they have automated processes to auto-update their ACLs against attacks. How can one config rancid to ignore ACL changes?


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