[rancid] Rancid in FreeBSD ports break on FreeBSD 13.0

Geert Jan de Groot GeertJan.deGroot at xs4all.nl
Mon Nov 1 21:44:21 UTC 2021


> Hey. -N sets the number of lines of context.  at least two forms have
> appeared over time; -N, -uN.  Why the need for change, I do not know.
> I expect configure to have found the right options.  Did you re-install
> from source?  do you have multiple versions of diff?

The machine is in an inaccessible place (radio-tower, now double 
inaccessible because of COVID) and I simply run pkg update on FreeBSD 
every so often, and run an upgrade when I must.
Stangely, it was stuck with the old version of rancid from pkg and pkg 
wasn't complaining.

I un-installed rancid, installed rancid (now 'rancid3' in pkg) and all 
is well.

I don't know how this package got stuck on the old version, but now all 
is well. Apologies for crying wolf.

Geert Jan

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