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Jake Secrist jake at secrist.org
Tue Nov 9 17:17:19 UTC 2021

I guess posts are not editable? I put 'End of run not found' in the subject
of my last post but that is not relevant. I was getting 'End of run not
found' when I tried to change the regex below and when I tried to match on
the prompt.

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In panos.pm (sub ShowConfig), RANCID finds the end of the 'show config'
output by matching a bare close bracket from the following regex:

if (/^}\s*$|\[edit\]/) {

We have a Panorama with an HTTP server profile that has a payload data
section which shows in the configuration like this:

************ lines of data *************
************ lines of data *************
************ lines of data *************

So the closing bracket of this data section matches the regex in panos.pm and
RANCID stops collecting the config output there. But this is not the end of
the configuration.

I can't think of any way around this since the actual end of the 'show
config' command is a bare close bracket.

There must be a good reason the prompt is not used to match as the end of

Thank you,

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