[rancid] rancid.types.conf

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Mon Aug 29 14:56:36 UTC 2022

>>>>> is it sufficient to just rename the alias's target, i.e.
>>>>> in `/etc/rancid.types.conf`
>>>>>     juniper;alias;junosx           <<<---
>>>>>     junosx;script;rancid -t junos
>>>>>     junosx;login;jlogin
>>>>>     junosx;timeout;120
>>>>>     junosx;module;junos
>>>>>     ...
>>>> experiment sez no.  i had to change all, and make up a new name for
>>>> `router.db`
>>> no, rancid.types.base is evaluated first and takes precedence.
>> and i am not supposed to touch `rancid.types.base`
> I ask that you do not; it is easier for me if, when folks ask for
> help, I immediately know if you are using a custom device definition.
> Future upgrades will over-write base file, but not the other one.

understood.  thanks.


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