[rancid] Fortigate 7.x filter_osc additional churn

Chris Wopat me at falz.net
Thu Jun 2 17:31:37 UTC 2022

Looking to see if we can get an easy patch added to fortigate.pm to filter
out some more filter_osc stuff. for context, in the past some stuff was
added here:


We had someone upgrade FortiOS from 6.x to 7.x recently and a new line is
added that churns:

- #AV AI/ML Model: 2.05854(2022-06-02 02:45)
+ #AV AI/ML Model: 2.05855(2022-06-02 03:45)

We added this line manually to sub GetSystem to the existing "if
($filter_osc >= 2) {" and it worked for us to remove it:

            next if (/^\s*AV AI\/ML Model: .*/);

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