rancid(3)                  Library Functions Manual                  rancid(3)


       rancid - rancid Perl and Python modules


       The   rancid  library  provides  functions  for  handling  rancid.types
       configuration files, loading modules, and the basic  global  variables,
       variables   from   parsing  rancid.types  files,  and  output  handling
       functions that are common to all rancid device modules,  all  of  which
       are  exported  (in Perl terms) for use by those that import the module.
       Specifically, the library is used by rancid(1), but it could be used by
       any Perl program for site-specific handling or additional automata.

       RunCommand(*INPUT, *OUTPUT, command)
              Parse a single command that returns no required info; the output
              is dropped.  This could be used as the processing function in  a
              command definition in a rancid.types file.

       Output handling functions:

       ProcessHistory([tag],     [sort_function],    [sort_function_argument],
              If the optional  tag  string  and  sort_function  arguments  are
              omitted,  the  string  is  output  immediately.   Otherwise, the
              strings  are  accumulated  in  a   hash,   by   the   hash   key
              sort_function_argument,  each  time  ProcessHistory()  is called
              until the tag or sort_function changes, at which time the  queue
              is  flushed and the new string is handled.  If sort_function had
              been supplied, it is called with the hash as its argument.

              Note that if the hash key sort_function_argument exists, the new
              strings is appended to the existing hash value.

              A  sort  routine  that  will sort on the keys of a hash as if it
              were a normal array.  For example:


              B0 and D0 are the sort keys.

              A sort routine that will sort on the values of a hash as  if  it
              were a normal array.


              A numerical sort routine (ascending).

       ipsort(IPv4 dotted-quad/v6 address)
              A  sort  routine  that  will  sort on the ip address when the IP
              address is anywhere in the strings.


              A sort routine that will sort based upon IPv4/v6 addresses.

       Please see the library code for exported variables.

       Please see the pydoc(1) for documentation on the rancid Python  module.
       It is equivalent to the Perl module, but in a Pythonic manner.


       rancid(1), rancid.types.conf(5)

                                 15 April 2019                       rancid(3)

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