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FIN #: I0598-1

SYNOPSIS: Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 systems might not boot if Micron memory and OBP
          3.25.2 (or earlier) are installed.

DATE: Aug/09/00

KEYWORDS: Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 systems might not boot if Micron memory and OBP
          3.25.2 (or earlier) are installed.

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                  (For Authorized Distribution by SunService)

SYNOPSIS:  Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 systems might not boot if Micron
           memory and OBP 3.25.2 (or earlier) are installed.

PRODUCT_REFERENCE:  Memory Module Compatibility  
PRODUCT CATEGORY:   Desktop / Memory 

Mkt_ID   Platform   Model   Description   Serial Number
------   --------   -----   -----------   -------------

Systems Affected
  -        A21       ALL     Ultra 5            -
  -        A22       ALL     Ultra 10           -

X-Options Affected
  -         -         -          -              -


Part Number             Description          Model
-----------             -----------          -----
375-0079-05 (or below)  Motherboard, Einstein  -
375-0115-02 (or below)  Motherboard, Einstein  -
375-0009-10 (or below)  Motherboard, Darwin    -
375-0066-04 (or below)  Motherboard, Darwin+   -
370-3796-02             DIMM, 32MB, Micron     -
370-3797-02             DIMM, 64MB, Micron     -
370-3798-02             DIMM, 128MB, Micron    -
370-3799-02             DIMM, 256MB, Micron    -


PatchId:  106121
ECO:      WO_18078  


Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 motherboards with Open BootPROM (OBP) version 3.25.2
AND with 360MHz, 400MHz, or 440MHz CPU modules are not compatible with
memory from the Sun supplier Micron.  The new Micron MTxLDxx72FG-5 series
EDO memory is only compatible with OBP version 3.25.3 (or later).  The
Micron memory presents faster access times and shorter propagation delays
through on-board buffers than other qualified memory.

Operating the system without upgrading to OBP version 3.25.3 will result
in two timing violations which may produce symptoms ranging from single-bit
memory errors to system hangs during cold boots.  The most likely fault will
be cold boot hangs with a worst case configuration of light memory loading
(32Mx2 or 64Mx2 DIMMs).  This newer version of OBP is fully backward
compatible and will work with any Sun supported memory modules.  

Micron memory can be identified by viewing the serial number label on the 
DIMM itself.  Micron DIMMs will have an "M" following the serial

Corrective action was taken on July 6th, 2000 by releasing OBP version
3.25.3 on the Einstein motherboards (p/n's 375-0079-06 and 375-0115-03)
via ECO# WO_18078.  Corrective action will be taken to release OBP
version 3.25.3 on the Darwin motherboards (p/n's 375-0009-11 and
375-0066-05) at a later date via the ECO process.

        |   |   MANDATORY (Fully Pro-Active)
        |   |   CONTROLLED PRO-ACTIVE (per Sun Geo Plan) 
        | X |   REACTIVE (As Required)


The following recommendation is provided as a guideline for authorized
Enterprise Services Field Representatives to avoid running into above
compatibility problem between Micorn Dimms and the OBP firmware version
3.25.2 (or lower) in Ultra 5 & 10.
Install PatchId 106121 to download the latest OBP firmware 3.25.3 
prior to Micron memory upgrade.

In case of any motherboard swap in a Ultra 5 or 10 system configuration
having Micron memory, the replacement motherboard should be the
375-0079-06 or 375-0115-03 for Einstein as applicable.

Otherwise use following procedure for earlier motherboards:
  1) boot system using non-Micron memory and install OBP firmware 3.25.3. 
  2) Close-down system and install Micron memory module.
  3) System now OK, re-boot and ready for use.


Implementation Footnote:

i)   In case of MANDATORY FINs, Enterprise Services will attempt to    
     contact all affected customers to recommend implementation of 
     the FIN. 
ii)  For CONTROLLED PROACTIVE FINs, Enterprise Services mission critical    
     support teams will recommend implementation of the FIN  (to their  
     respective accounts), at the convenience of the customer. 

iii) For REACTIVE FINs, Enterprise Services will implement the FIN as the   
     need arises.
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