PIC Chip Programming

After select the relevant PIC chip type, the program prompts the needed socket:

Meanwhile, in the chip setup area, display the relevant setup to select PIC MCU configuration parameters

PIC MCU configuration parameters:

Oscillator types: 
LP:low power consumption
HS:high speed crystal/ceramic
IntRC:internal 4Mhz resistant 
ExtRC:external resistant
ExtClock:external clock(24Mhz)
E4:external clock with PLL(6Mhz)
H4:crystal/ceramic with PLL(6Mhz
IntRC RB4:internal resistant
IntRC CLKOUT:internal resistant,RB4 output clock ExtRC RB4:external resistant
ExtRC CLKOUT:external resistant,RB4 output clock 
IntRC I/O:internal resistant 
intRC CLKOUT:internal resistant, output clock
ER I/O:external resistance
ER CLKOUT:external resistance,output clock 

Code protect:encrypt PIC MCU program, prevent read out
Watch Dog:turn on/off watch dog

Power-up Time:upper power delay selection