Self Test Function
The screen :

Operation Steps:
  • Before test, set the DIP switch, jumper setup is  default
  • Address Pin Test: click the one of the push button in the Address Out group, use multimeter detect output signal in the ZIF32 socket. Or directly input the adress data, the range is:   0--7FFFFH A0-PIN 12, A1-PIN 11, A2-PIN 12, A3-PIN 9, A4-PIN 8, A5-PIN 7, A6-PIN 6, A7-PIN 5, A8-PIN 27, A9-PIN 26,A10-PIN 23, A11-PIN 25, A12-PIN 4, A13-PIN 28,  A14-PIN 29,  A15-PIN 3, A16-PIN 2, A17-PIN 30
  • Data Pin Test: click one of the push button in Data Out group, use multimeter confirm the data from ZIF socket.  Alternatively, input the test data, the range is: 0--FFH; D0-PIN 13, D1-PIN 14, D2-PIN 15, D3-PIN 17, D4-PIN 18, D5-PIN 19, D6-PIN 20, D7-PIN 21
  • VPP (programming voltage) Test:  Turn on the programming voltage by click on pin 1 (1-Vpp) check box,  measure the voltage between PIN 16 and PIN 1. It should show the Vpp voltage your set. (12V, 15V, 21V, 25V. Note : there my be 5% tolerance of voltage reading)
  • Clear All: Clear the whole control signal, address and data output. Then you measure should be all 0V.