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Sun Enterprise[tm] 250 Server: Repair Procedures

This section provides the most common repair procedures for the Enterprise 250. The written procedures below are links to the Sun Enterprise 250 Server Owner's Guide (805-3389).

Clustered Hardware Note: When repairing a clustered system, you should replace server components by first switching over the data services to the functioning server, halting the host to be serviced, powering down the host, and then performing the hardware procedure to replace the component. Following the procedure, the logical hosts should be switched back to the default masters.

CPU Module
  • Sun Enterprise 250 Server 400MHZ CPU Modules may sustain damage during installation (FIN I0485-1).
  • The current diagnostic procedure to identify the faulty CPU module from CPU Ecache parity errors is flawed (FIN I0570-3).
  • Tuning the ecache_scan_rate parameter of the Solaris cache scrubber provides improved Ecache parity error protection on non-mirrored SRAM UltraSPARC II-based systems (FIN I0755-1).
Disk Cage Assembly  
Disk Drive
  • 18.2GB and 36GB IBM disk drives may be susceptible to early life failures problem (FIN I0724-2).
  • 18GB and 36GB IBM disk drives experiencing high failure rate in high humidity and high temperature environments (FCO A0182-1).
Fan Tray Assembly  
Floppy Drive


  • Failure to remove power cables from E250 system board may result in NVRAM corruption (FIN I0427-1).
PCI Card
  • SunPCi II and SunPCi IIpro cards may not respond after rapid/successive power cycling (FCO A0186-1).
  • src/p card causes e450 to fail boot with upa-port error (SRDB 23897).
  • Systems based on the PSYCHO chipset panic with a PCI bus error (SRDB 40602).
Power Distribution Board  
Power Supply  
Removable Media Assembly (RMA)

SSP Paddle Card  
System Board
  • Setting NVRAM, RSC-MAC Addr and RSC Params after replacing E250 System Board (InfoDoc 21614).
Tape Drive  
UltraSCSI Backplane  

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