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Sun Ray[tm] 1 Appliance: SRDBs

SRDB Synopsis
48292 Sun Ray[TM]: Screen resolution is not persistent
41019 Sun Ray (TM) Server : How to change a Policy so that only registered smart cards can login
40360 SUNRAY: Finding Xsun process for particular appliance
40331 User's can't self-register smartcards from Sun Ray (TM) terminals
40097 Sun Ray[TM]: My new screen resolution is not persistent. What do I do?
40044 replica_update: master server returned NIS_SUCCESS, but no updates
28497 Why all Sunray Appliances don't get login prompt
27868 'utxconfig -p on' gives error message: "internal error could not add/modify Xconfig record "
27357 Streaming audio on Sun Ray [TM] 1 appliance doesn't work: Audio Device Busy
25652 Changing the Screen Resolution on a Sun Ray 1.2 Client Doesn't Work
23116 How to return a hung Sunray to the login screen
22076 How to permanently set Sunray display resolution
22058 SunRay1 user login: pt_chmod: fatal: open failed, no such file or directory,
21962 The Green Newt Cursor appears and stays on the SunRay1 appliance
20967 Choose Host From List option fails on a Sun Ray at dtlogin
20593 SunRay: chipcard sessions lost after about 20 minutes

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