problems with rancid and catalyst

Joe Marr jmarr at
Mon Jul 30 17:48:49 UTC 2001

I tried the clogin test, clogin -c "show ver" ptldme-swt01

It accesses the router and sits the prompt, which would lead me to
believe that it doesn't recognize the prompt.

What's the best way to approach this, what should the prompt be?
Currently its ptldme-swt01:

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> Ive been using rancid in various forms for over a year now, but I have
> never been able to have it successfully acquire the config from a
> catalyst 5505 (or a older 2900).

My usual diagnositic procedure for this sort of thing is:

- Make sure that the appropriate *login (clogin for cat5s) works.
  This tests to make sure you don't have routing or firewall types
  of issues, or dns or hostname errors, and that your .cloginrc
  settings are correct.

- See if you can send commands to the router - something like
	clogin -c "command1;command2"
  This makes sure that the this basic function of clogin is working.
  Typical problems here are where clogin does not recognize the
  router prompt correctly.

- Then see if the correct rancid commands works against the router
  - "cat5rancid router" in this case.  You should get a
  file if it does.  Otherwise try "cat5rancid -d router" and see
  if you can figure out what is going wrong.

If all of this works, then make sure that you have the correct
router name in router.db and check the log file for errors.

In any case, I suspect the problem is in your .cloginrc.  I always
put things like passwords & the like inside of {} to get around
expect goo.  [expect is a rather fragile program.]

> add user                ptldme-swt*     XXXX
> add enableprompt        ptldme-swt*     Enter password:
> add password            ptldme-swt*     {XXXXXXX}      {XXXXXX}

I'd change these to:
	add user                ptldme-swt*     {XXXX}
	add enableprompt        ptldme-swt*     {Enter password:}
	add password            ptldme-swt*     {XXXXXXX}      {XXXXXX}

I'm also not sure if you need to set the enableprompt; I've not
done that on the cat5s I've had.

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