problems with rancid and catalyst

David LaPorte david_laporte at
Mon Jul 30 18:06:08 UTC 2001

I had a similar problem - try setting your path to ptldme-swt01>

rancid appears to expect a ">" suffix on the prompt.

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> Subject: RE: problems with rancid and catalyst
> I tried the clogin test, clogin -c "show ver" ptldme-swt01
> It accesses the router and sits the prompt, which would lead me to
> believe that it doesn't recognize the prompt.
> What's the best way to approach this, what should the prompt be?
> Currently its ptldme-swt01:
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> Subject: Re: problems with rancid and catalyst
> > Ive been using rancid in various forms for over a year now, but I have
> > never been able to have it successfully acquire the config from a
> > catalyst 5505 (or a older 2900).
> My usual diagnositic procedure for this sort of thing is:
> - Make sure that the appropriate *login (clogin for cat5s) works.
>   This tests to make sure you don't have routing or firewall types
>   of issues, or dns or hostname errors, and that your .cloginrc
>   settings are correct.
> - See if you can send commands to the router - something like
> 	clogin -c "command1;command2"
>   This makes sure that the this basic function of clogin is working.
>   Typical problems here are where clogin does not recognize the
>   router prompt correctly.
> - Then see if the correct rancid commands works against the router
>   - "cat5rancid router" in this case.  You should get a
>   file if it does.  Otherwise try "cat5rancid -d router" and see
>   if you can figure out what is going wrong.
> If all of this works, then make sure that you have the correct
> router name in router.db and check the log file for errors.
> In any case, I suspect the problem is in your .cloginrc.  I always
> put things like passwords & the like inside of {} to get around
> expect goo.  [expect is a rather fragile program.]
> > add user                ptldme-swt*     XXXX
> > add enableprompt        ptldme-swt*     Enter password:
> > add password            ptldme-swt*     {XXXXXXX}      {XXXXXX}
> I'd change these to:
> 	add user                ptldme-swt*     {XXXX}
> 	add enableprompt        ptldme-swt*     {Enter password:}
> 	add password            ptldme-swt*     {XXXXXXX}      {XXXXXX}
> I'm also not sure if you need to set the enableprompt; I've not
> done that on the cat5s I've had.
> 	--asp

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