rancid in a push configuration?

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I understand that this isn't what Rancid wasn't meant to do, but you can't
blame David or myself for trying ;-)

Can you offer a more specific pointer to the IETF work you referred to? Are
you talking about draft-ops-operator-req-mgmt-00.txt?


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this is not what rancid was intended for.  i am not saying that this
functionality is not useful ... or not _required_ for sane config

i believe that rancid is a configuration monitoring tool primarily and
second a disaster recovery tool.  that is, a baked config in the repository
can be loaded (for exmaple, h/w-replacement -- after replacing passwords,
etc) for fast recovery.

writing a parser to determine changes, or rather commands necessary to
apply those changes, is not only difficult, but a rapidly moving target.
to this, i note the paramount importance of the IETD ops-nm WG draft
(refer to internet drafts at www.ietf.org).

configuration generation, loading, and change-application is best suited
for a second tool (or suite of) with rancid integrated.  where most
information is stored in a database (which *any* complimentary tool can
also utilize) and canonical configs are generated from this and templates
(for multiple router/switch platforms).

i have written such a tool for my employer, but can not release it.  i
have started a tool for free release ("pita" [because it is]) which i hope
to mangle into a config generator (loader, etc), config monitoring (via
rancid), NMS, and some other useful bits.  making slow progress....

Mon, Jul 30, 2001 at 11:32:01AM -0700, ABochannek at yipes.com:
> I'd like to second this request. In fact, I meant to send in a request
> this today myself.
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> Subject:	rancid in a push configuration?
> Anybody ever used rancid or a similar tool in a push configuration?  i.e.
> make changes to the cvs repository and rancid updates the router with
> that instead of vice versa.
> We'd like to have useful committer names and commit logs...
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