Using RANCID for *NIX

Jason Lewis jlewis at
Tue Oct 9 09:57:27 UTC 2001

This has come up before and I wanted to check again to see if anyone was
using RANCID with *NIX.  I am interested in putting files like /etc/hosts,
/etc/fstab, etc into CVS with RANCID.  It already has a nice format and
seems like it would be easy to hack the current scripts to do what I need.

Is anyone else already doing this?  I haven't found any other tools that
would do what I want.  I am not looking for a backup as much as I am looking
for the diffs and an email with the changes.

On a side note, I have noticed a behaviour change since implementing RANCID.
The entire NOC team gets an email when a config change is made.  The result
is everyone is cautious about making changes on the fly, and any changes
that are made are quickly explained by the changer.  Before, changes would
be made and if it broke something.....silence.  So, at the very least we
have fewer **problems** that magically appear.

Jason Lewis
It's not secure "Because they told me it was secure".
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