Using RANCID for *NIX

john heasley heas at
Tue Oct 9 16:31:47 UTC 2001

Tue, Oct 09, 2001 at 05:57:27AM -0400, Jason Lewis:
> This has come up before and I wanted to check again to see if anyone was
> using RANCID with *NIX.  I am interested in putting files like /etc/hosts,
> /etc/fstab, etc into CVS with RANCID.  It already has a nice format and
> seems like it would be easy to hack the current scripts to do what I need.
> Is anyone else already doing this?  I haven't found any other tools that
> would do what I want.  I am not looking for a backup as much as I am looking
> for the diffs and an email with the changes.

i have started, but have some other pressing issues that should pass soon.
welcome any comments on what folks would like to see in such an addition.

> On a side note, I have noticed a behaviour change since implementing RANCID.
> The entire NOC team gets an email when a config change is made.  The result
> is everyone is cautious about making changes on the fly, and any changes
> that are made are quickly explained by the changer.  Before, changes would
> be made and if it broke something.....silence.  So, at the very least we
> have fewer **problems** that magically appear.
> Jason Lewis
> It's not secure "Because they told me it was secure".
> The people at the other end of the link know less
> about security than you do. And that's scary.

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