Rancid with Zebra

Rizzo, Joe JRizzo at ea.com
Thu Oct 18 16:56:40 UTC 2001

Is anyone using rancid with zebra (www.zebra.org <http://www.zebra.org> )?

The interface looks and feels like Cisco IOS.  The problem is that zebra
listens on tcp port 2601.  Each routing protocol daemon listens on a unique
port as well.  Example: ospfd listens on 2604. 

To completely pull the zebra configs, rancid would need to login to the same
system on multiple ports. 

I could make zebra listen on port 23, but then ospfd, ripd, bgpd, etc would
have to listen on another port.

I could have 2 hostnames for the system: vpn01_zebra vpn01_ospfd

Then have multiple entries in router.db:

But, how could I tell rancid to use port 2601 rather that port 23 to telnet
to certain hosts?


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