Newbie: Problems with Catalyst

Robert Klingsten bladex at
Tue Mar 12 19:00:51 UTC 2002

Hello --

I have read through all the list archives, and also the faq.  But
I am still having trouble with a Catalyst switch.  Following the
diags mentioned in the FAQ, the command:

cat5rancid -d

results in:

HIT COMMAND:ummu-cis6513-mr> (enable) show port ifindex
    In ShowPortIfindex: ummu-cis6513-mr> (enable) show port ifindex
HIT COMMAND:ummu-cis6513-mr> (enable) write term
    In WriteTerm: ummu-cis6513-mr> (enable) write term End of run not found End of run not found

Any more help from people on this would be greatly appreciated!  I have
Linux kernel 2.4.18, expect 5.32.2, tcl 8.3.3-65, Catalyst 6.3(5)...

thanks for any help!

Rob Klingsten
CAEN Network Systems
University of Michigan College of Engineering

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