Newbie: Problems with Catalyst

john heasley heas at
Tue Mar 12 20:15:44 UTC 2002

Tue, Mar 12, 2002 at 02:00:51PM -0500, Robert Klingsten:
> Hello --
> I have read through all the list archives, and also the faq.  But
> I am still having trouble with a Catalyst switch.  Following the
> diags mentioned in the FAQ, the command:
> cat5rancid -d
> results in:
> HIT COMMAND:ummu-cis6513-mr> (enable) show port ifindex
>     In ShowPortIfindex: ummu-cis6513-mr> (enable) show port ifindex
> HIT COMMAND:ummu-cis6513-mr> (enable) write term
>     In WriteTerm: ummu-cis6513-mr> (enable) write term
> End of run not found
> End of run not found
> end

could you try the following

cat5rancid -d

you will have a file.  check this to
make sure that the full config was actually collected.  also check the file to see how much of the .raw file
was completed.

i'd guess that either the expect process got stuck or something appeared
in the config that confused clogin.

> Any more help from people on this would be greatly appreciated!  I have
> Linux kernel 2.4.18, expect 5.32.2, tcl 8.3.3-65, Catalyst 6.3(5)...
> thanks for any help!
> Rob Klingsten
> CAEN Network Systems
> University of Michigan College of Engineering

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