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>Wed, May 01, 2002 at 03:30:23PM -0300, andrew.reynolds at
>> I'd also be interested in knowing if anyone has gotten this to work on a
>> Nortel Passport (Accelar) 8600, with firmware 3.0.2. I can use blogin to
>> run commands, but even after updating brancid to use the correct
>> to turn off cli paging and to dump the config, I don't seem to be able
>> retrieve the config automatically.
>are these differences between the platforms or just the newer software?
>brancid currently runs
>        'bcc'                   => "RunCommand",
>       'show config'           => "ShowConfig",
>        'show config -all'      => "ShowConfig",
>what are the new equivalents?  does the bay produce a consistent error
>for unknown commands like the cisco's "Invalid input detected" such
>that we could send both sets of commands?
>does blogin -c 'bcc;show config;show config -all' router work?  where
>does it fail?

I had to modify brancid to

'show config'           => "ShowConfig",
'show config verbose'      => "ShowConfig",

In order to get it to sort of run. If I set NOPIP=YES, and run brancid -d
router, the .raw output file is complete, but the .new file only has the
following text:


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