Nortel/bay routers and rancid

john heasley heas at
Fri Jun 6 16:35:08 UTC 2003

Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 06:43:17AM -0500, stefmit:
> Thank you for your answer.
> To clarify a little bit: bcc is [a sort of] enable. After one gets the 
> "regular" prompt, certain things can be carried out from there on, but this 
> level of CLI is very limited, so additional steps have to be pursued for full 
> access to configuration, i.e. moving into bcc. Here is how it usually works:
> telnet <bay-router>
> Login: <username>
> Password: <passwd>
> <bay>$ bcc <CR>
> bcc> configure
> bcc# --> this is (in my opinion) the equivalent of Cisco's enable ... but I 
> may be wrong. I was hoping someone has a Bay/Nortel router (really, really 
> nobody out there?!?), and can confirm my supposition in regards to how far 
> blogin or do-diff should get into.
> I guess the only alternative I have is to look into rancid's code, to see if 
> the "bcc" assumption is correct, or what else I can do.

a quick look at the code; blogin doesn't use anything.

# blogin - Bay Networks(Nortel) login
# Unlike the Cisco's, there is no enable function on the Bay's.
# Instead there are seperate User and Manager accounts.  A 'system' command
# exists, which i am told does nothing.

(i didnt write blogin).  but it does call the enable() function which
uses 'enable' to get elevated privs and expects the prompt to change
from > to #.

so, this seems kind of buggered.  i dont have a bay/nortel (thankfully);
someone who does will have to contribute.

> Thx again,
> Stef
> On Thursday 05 June 2003 10:38 pm, you wrote:
> > Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 03:48:53PM -0500, stefmit:
> > > Has anybody been able to use rancid with Nortel routers? I have a BCN and
> > > I have tweaked the configs in all possible ways, but blogin won't go
> > > beyond the login (first level) ... i.e. never kicking in bcc. And -
> > > besides that - when doing blogin, vs. a regular telnet, I cannot log out
> > > - I have to CTRL/C the process.
> >
> > i do not have one myself and i dont know what "bcc" is.  but, if you get
> > logged-in, followed by a prompt and then can not do anything, i would
> > suspect that your .cloginrc is misconfigured if the bcn has a concept
> > of "enable" (or entering privledged mode).
> >
> > see the autoenable .cloginrc knob.

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