john heasley heas at shrubbery.net
Thu May 15 03:03:54 UTC 2003

Wed, May 14, 2003 at 02:59:49PM -0700, Mark Duling:
> I am attempting to get RANCID on OS X 10.2 (Darwin).  My knowledge of 
> UNIX is not deep so bear with me.
> I have Tcl and Expect (5.38) installed and working.
> With one minor mod I got RANCID 2.2.2 compiled and installed with no errors.
> When I run clogin I get syntax errors
> I started to fix them by replacing occurrences like $env(HOME) with 
> ${env::HOME}
> But after several replacing several of these and getting farther 
> through the file I suddenly get the following.
> ./clogin: line 58: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
> ./clogin: line 58: `} elseif {[ info exists {env::USER} ] {'

i am not familiar with the :: syntax in tcl, but i'm using expect 5.3
(which is married to tcl 8.3).  object-oriented infection?  env(name)
is (supposed to be) a simple array variable.

the 8.4 manual says:

On the Macintosh, the environment variable is constructed by Tcl as no global environment variable exists. The environment variables that are created for Tcl include:

i wonder if there is some weirdness there.

> I don't know why because what I was doing shouldn't affect the 
> surrounding parentheses and didn't until a certain point.  Can RANCID 
> run on OS X and if so can anyone tell me where to go from here? 
> Thank you.
> Mark

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